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This March, Make Your Own Luck

March – the Luck of the Irish! Is it a lucky month for you? What do you do to put the career odds more firmly in your favor?

I often hear people say, “I was so lucky to get this new role!” or “Landing this job was all about luck and being in the right spot at the right time!”

Yet achieving a new job isn’t about luck – it’s about working to position yourself for your dream (or just your next role) and then going after it! So how do we do that?

  • Consider the types of professional development programs that are available in your field – don’t wait for your workplace to offer training. What additional study topics would help add value to your work performance and better position you for a potential promotion? Look for those both online as well at any local institution. Graduate School USA offers professional training for public sector employees. Community Colleges across the country offer training and courses in hundreds of fields. Many employers will pay for classes. There is a plethora of possibilities!
  • Join professional organizations and learn the value of networking. Attend local chapter events as well as national conferences. Don’t be afraid to extend your hand to someone you don’t know and introduce yourself! You never know what might come of it.
  • Work with a professional writer and revamp your resume. Look for a coach who can support you as you further develop your interview skills. And don’t discount the value of a great haircut and professional dress for success advice offered at most high-end retailers. Make sure that you’re presenting your best self to the world!
  • If you’re interested in a new position, don’t wait until you have 100% of the skills listed on the position description. All new jobs have a certain learning curve. Don’t scare yourself off by thinking you have to know everything before you begin. To “get to yes”, you have to hear an occasional “no” first!


The famous Irish Blessing begins, “May the road rise to meet you…” Well, sometimes you must seek the road and it may not be the one you expected. But the time you spend will be worth its weight in a Leprechaun’s treasure.


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