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The Best Book on Leadership and Team Building, Period.

Poor leadership skills cause havoc in the workplace and can destroy employee morale while jeopardizing the bottom line.

Organizations are made of different personalities and characters. How many of these people are in your workplace?

  • The Can’t Trust ‘Em as Far as You Can Throw ‘Em BLEEP
  • The It’s All About Me BLEEP
  • The I’m Taking my Toys and Leaving BLEEP
  • The My Way or the Highway BLEEP
  • The World is out to Get Me BLEEP
  • The That’s Not My Problem BLEEP
  • The How Can You be Doing This to Me? BLEEP

How Not to Act Like a BLEEP at Work delivers a fictional story based on real-life examples and lessons on how to create an environment where team members are able to show up with their best selves and contribute to meeting the organizational mission.

Today’s diverse workforce brings competing priorities and personal agendas. They are of different faiths and ethnicities.  Yet at their core, they all want to do well and feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves. Follow along with the fictional manager as she learns what it means to truly be an effective team leader.

Get your copy of How Not to Act Like a BLEEP at Work in paperback or ebook.

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Executive Leadership Training and Development

Would you like to create a more productive and effective team? Do you need a boost to move your organization forward successfully?

At Wise Ways Consulting in Northern, VA we provide a variety of courses that will aid in the training of executives, management, and staff. Through our management development courses and executive coaching programs we empower individuals to become high performing leaders. Our training and coaching allows for us to not only affect individuals, but also communities. Through our programs, participants will explore leadership development, critical thinking, goal setting, communication, emotional intelligence, and community contribution.

Professional Development

The world of professional development is constantly changing and evolving.

We provide the latest information on driving a diverse workforce and working with remote offices.

Our leadership training services are available for government agencies, corporate offices, as well as non-profit organizations.

We utilize a teaching style that is both customizable and flexible depending on our clientele and the services they provide.

People Centered Programs

An organization’s most important resource is its people.

Wise Ways’ staff of certified executive coaches and behavioral assessment specialists provide training, facilitation, and leadership coaching for your most valuable resource – your employees.

The culture of the world is changing. We make teams work.

We support government agencies at all levels, non-profit organizations, growing mid-size businesses, large corporations, corporate teams, and C-suite management as they meet new challenges.

Our services can be used independently or integrated to create powerful, sustainable change.

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