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Capabilities Statement

Download a copy of our Capabilities Statement to obtain further information about our services.

Wise Ways Capability Statement

Our Mission is to Assist in Affecting Change

We are pragmatic in our facilitation approach with a style that is people-­centered, engaging and fun! Through effective communication, our leadership skills training programs provide professional development in a global arena.

Leading Your Teams and Projects to Success with Effective Training and Facilitation

Along with our extensive selection of training programs, Wise Ways Consulting offers facilitation services for projects and team meetings to help companies provide professional development and leadership skills to their employees, managers, and teams.

In any organization, team members come from varied backgrounds, each with different communication and learning styles. Our meeting and project facilitation services help individuals participate in forums geared toward effective communication, leadership skills, and individual and organizational growth.

We take the time to understand each client’s unique organizational model and incorporate it into our project facilitation and training programs. We engage key stakeholders and design professional development workshops and facilitation training programs that ensure involvement from each program participant. We also offer training and executive coaching on a variety of topics including cultural diversity, leadership skills, effective communication, and goal setting for growth and professional development.

Facilitation Services

  • Develop activities that make tasks simple and easy
  • Use vetted training and education methods to help individuals learn through self-discovery
  • Help participants acquire and use new knowledge, attitudes, skills, and abilities
  • Instill effective communication methods and leadership skills for professional development
  • Tailor facilitation to target topics and content the group needs to address its unique goals and mission

Facilitation and Professional Development Expertise

We are a recognized leader in evaluating an organization’s and individual’s development; in using a positive and motivating training style with demonstrated skills in group; and facilitation of small and large groups through complex problem solving.

Facilitation and Training Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater team success rates
  • Improved organization quality
  • Improved personal and team performance
  • Stronger leadership skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • We help organizations with the complexity of global diversity in this ever-changing world. We integrate diversity and cultural sensitivity training into our leadership skills programs. We act to facilitate effective communication and professional development training across cultural barriers to make stronger teams.

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