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Thank You for Staying Home

Let me tell you a little secret… I’m tired of staying home. I’m tired of hearing how people feel about staying at home. And, I’m tired of being upset when I don’t see people staying at home on the news.

What my mood tells me is an old lesson, the type you need to constantly relearn, concentrate on what you can control.

As we start a new month, no matter where you live, there will continue to be some level of restrictions. If your government says you can go bowling, get a tattoo or massage, and eat at a restaurant, you still control if you choose to do that. You can, and you should, control how you manage your health and your potential exposure to COVID-19 and that of your family.

I’m staying home. That means more Zoom meetings and facilitating virtual training sessions using whichever platform my clients are using. It means adapting to my client, employee, and partner needs. Personally, I’ve been really impressed with the level of innovation and motivation that I’ve seen. I don’t know when the restrictions will be lifted or the virus threat will end; I can predict it won’t be this month. Maybe not the next either.

What I can predict is that many of the innovations and lessons in home office and online communication will become a new, growing industry. Work at home will no longer be a perk. Online communications and meetings will save thousands of hours and dollars in travel time and expenses.

I also predict some less than positive results. Employers will expect their remote employees to always be working and available beyond normal business hours. Online productivity and tracking software will have a Big Brother presence in our lives. And while online communications and meetings will save time and money – they will also result in the loss of connection as well. While some individuals profess to not need this, many others do. The loss of face-to-face communication may further degrade the interpersonal communication skills of Gen Y and Millennial populations.

I also know we will adapt, improve, and become better people for it.

Another prediction I have is we will learn to set better personal boundaries. We all know individuals (maybe it’s yourself) who are struggling now. The put-together person who really isn’t. The person unable to sleep at night and who is also having crazy dreams. It’s not your imagination, well…it is, but you’re not alone.

Many companies and colleagues are learning to treat their employees with more kindness. If you’re sick, seriously, don’t come to work. We’re not at our best, poor video conferencing lighting and lack of haircuts aside. We can see it on each other’s screens. We are learning to share our feelings and set limits on our time, simply because we must.

As we move into another month of government ordered stay-at-home orders and eventually, personal-choice orders to limit our exposure, remember – control what you can. This virus is here for a while longer. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t learned to knit or bake bread. You have learned to adapt and survive. Be proud of yourself. Thank you for staying home.

I welcome your feedback, ideas, and the chance to connect anytime you want to say hello. Contact me with your questions and goals.


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