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Wise Ways Consulting Develops Leaders and Makes Teams Work

At Wise Ways Consulting, we believe effective communication and leadership skills create acceptance and appreciation of the diversity and equity in ourselves and members of our society. These are often referred to as soft skills but that is a misnomer. These are often the hardest skills to master. Life’s not very soft without them!

Successful leaders are expert communicators who understand how to drive an organization’s mission while motivating and supporting diverse teams. They recognize that teams are comprised of people with varied skills, experiences, and interests.

We believe thriving teams come from environments that call on diversity, respect, integrity, communication, and shared goals.

Now in our 16th year, Wise Ways Consulting has developed a people-first approach to training, coaching, and team facilitation. With over a dozen certified executive coaches and behavioral assessment specialists, we provide custom and off-the-shelf training to improve each participant’s professional performance.

Our staff provides both online and onsite training throughout North America and across the Globe. We come to you in whatever way works best to improve your teams.

We provide services to not-for-profit organizations, for-profit companies, and local and Federal government agencies.

US Federal Agencies please see our GSA schedule 

Melissa Davies
Wise Ways Consulting, Inc.

Effective Communication and Personal Development through Strong Leadership Training

Melissa Davies began her career in her native Canada where she earned her honors degree from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

With decades of experience in results-focused facilitation, consulting, leadership training, and executive coaching, she quickly establishes rapport with audiences and clients. As the physical environments and culture of work have changed, her ability to put junior and senior leadership teams at ease is more valuable than ever. She believes the principles of strong communication still apply in our changing work environment, but how to lead has changed, as well as the motivation for many employees, including the most senior leaders.

Melissa has implemented leadership consulting and training programs in North America and around the world including Afghanistan, Ghana, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

Now with over a dozen consultants on the team, Melissa and Wise Ways Consulting are helping organizations through modern communication and business challenges as professionals navigate both online and hybrid office and team environments.

Melissa is always innovating her training because she too understands the power of growth and change.


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